Lights, camera, action, Lincolnshire town set to get cinema

 Lights, camera, action, Lincolnshire town set to get cinema

Sleaford is set to get a new community cinema thanks to new project by Sleaford Little Theatre and the Sleaford Playhouse.

Thank you to the Sleaford Target for their great article in the paper today (Wednesday 29 March 2017).


Residents in a Lincolnshire town could be able to see the latest films when a community cinema is launched.

Sleaford Little Theatre are looking at bringing a cinema back to the town after there was demand for films by residents.

Film-goers used to be able to go the pictures in Sleaford, but the town's cinema closed more than 30 years ago.

Tom Creasey, who is setting up the Sleaford Little Cinema project, said he has managed to get equipment from the Sleaford Community Cinema, which no longer shows films.

He said: "I have decided to take on this project because I believe there is a demand. Many people have commented and said what a good idea the cinema is.

"I am a dedicated member of Sleaford Little Theatre and I really think this is something that people want.

"There is a need for a local community cinema project in Sleaford for all ages.

"The equipment is from the original Sleaford Community Cinema group. They currently store it at the theatre at no cost. The brief contact I have had with their chairman has suggested they may want us to hire it from them which of course we are happy to do."

 Lights, camera, action, Lincolnshire town set to get cinema


He added there are plans for a variety of films to be shown and the group is also planning on conducting a survey to find out what people would like to watch.

Mr Creasey added: "We might not be able to show the latest releases that are in cinemas just yet. If it becomes popular this will be something to consider. Initially we'll be showing early-release films. These films are out of the cinemas but not yet on DVD.

"We'll also put on screenings of old films and have special screenings of trilogies.

"Initially, I am looking to show films once a month and build it up slowly. I have had interest from parents wanting to be able to take their children to see a film during the school holidays, and this is definitely something I want to trial."

He added that when the new committee for Sleaford Little Theatre is established at the end of the month he will be able to progress with plans. He added that he hopes the cinema will be up and running by July.

He added: "I love films and love going to the cinema. I would be ecstatic if this project is a success as it will not only be good for the Playhouse and Sleaford Little Theatre but I think it will bring a new lease of life to people in Sleaford and the surrounding areas."

Sleaford Town Councillor David Suiter said he thought the cinema would be incredibly popular for the town.

He said: "It's really good - just what the town needs.

"There have previously been a few films shown in the town so I have an idea of what's involved and it will prove popular.

"I think it would be a good thing to show new films too."


UPDATE -  The survey for people to complete is now available. Please help us shape your cinema in Sleaford.